Adult Classes

The training syllabus for the adults is based on practical self-defense, varying from basic hand-to-hand combat, to more detailed techniques against Knife and Club attacks.

The techniques taught directly relate to the every day environment of self-defense in a modern world, with using physical force as a last resort. Incorporating Judo, Ju-jitsu, and Karate into a freetyle kickboxing platform allows for well rounded self defence martial arts.


Training also involves the learning of other aspects of the Martial Arts such as Kata. Kata in short is a pre-determined set of moves, for each rank there are new Kata’s to learn as well as perfecting the ones the student already knows. These Kata’s are our dictionary or Bible of all moves performed


Weapons training is part of the training syllabus, incorporating modern day weapons such as knife and club attacks along with traditional weaponary. These traditional weapons help the student to understand the shear skill of the traditional Japanese Warrior. The training system is suited for both men and women with no age limit.