About Makoto Ryu Karate-D0

Glen Doecke founded the Para Vista Dojo in March 1990. At the time Glen was a Shodan and started the class with only four junior students. Over the years, many students have trained at the Para Vista Dojo with many of those students reaching the distinguished rank of Black Belt. Since then MKA has slowly started to expand into a strong string of clubs in South Australia, visit our "dojo"  page to find a location near you.


Makoto Ryu Karate-Do is the style taught at MKA. Makoto Ryu was officially founded by Glen Doecke and 4 of his senior black belts in year 2000 after they decided the direction of the current system they was with was not what they wanted from the martial arts. Glen has over 30 years’ experience in the martial arts industry, and with all this experience he has been able to design a practical street wise martial arts for the purpose of self defense. Makoto Ryu is a freestyle martial arts system combining techniques from Kick Boxing, Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Kung Fu, and Karate into a strong street smart style that can be adapted to both females and males, with separate kids and adult classes.


Makoto Ryu Karate-Do means:

Honourable (Makoto) System (Ryu) Empty Handed (Karate) Way (Do)

Makoto Ryu originated from a country called Okinawa just south of Japan. The style was originally known as Okinawa Karate-Do, which was practiced and taught to the countrymen of Okinawa to protect their lands from invasion. Okinawa Karate-Do expanded into the main land of Japan and western world countries as Gojo Ryu Karate-Do. It is believed from various scriptures and translated writings that the original Okinawa Karate-Do was formed from the Chinese style of Kung Fu. Over the years the form has taken on many changes to adapt to the ever changing environment and in some cases the true Spirit of the martial arts has been left behind for the physical aspect only. The Makoto Ryu Karate-Do Association training is based on the 7 virtues of the samurai.              


Originally Glen took up the martial arts as a physical form of fitness to aid his love of football. As time passed his football career started to take a back seat as he became more and more interested in the martial arts. The physical training was very beneficial to his flexibility and over all fitness but it wasn’t until he reached the level of Black Belt that he then realised the martial arts was a lot deeper than physical face value.


As years passed by Glen’s training increased , and he found doors began to open in all different directions leading him to a deeper understanding of the Martial arts, not only did his physical fitness and appearance improve, but also he found mentally he was becoming stronger, and more positive. The Martial Arts was not only a learning tool for the body but the mind and spirit as well. 


The most striking attraction of the martial arts to Glen is the endless amount of knowledge that is available to the individual, no matter how accomplished the Martial arts student is, they can always learn something from the highest Grand Master to the white belt taking the floor for the first time. No matter how famous or unheard the instructor is and no matter what style it is, as long as the martial artist has an open mind there is always something to learn from everybody. The hardest thing is to find a style that suits the individual. This is why Glen created MKA (Makoto Ryu), to offer a style that is not only practical but still works on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the martial arts. 


MKA was officially launched in January 2000, with the vision of a freestyle system that is practical street wise martial arts, while following the traditional values of the martial arts of old. A system that has NO politics, prejudice’s or bias towards anyone. This vision has attracted many like-minded students who have progressed through to their Dan ranks, and eventually into their own clubs under the MKA banner.


MKA is NOT a franchise business, all our clubs are owner operated, our assistant instructors and club owners are dedicated martial artists, interested in delivering the best possible training while spreading the benefits of the martial arts to all ages.


 Each instructor brings their own unique concept to MKA, they continually research training methods and techniques with a total commitment to continuous improvement, these concepts ensure that MKA will never become stale or stagnant, making the students experience interesting and engaging both mentally and physically.